Technologies and products


Revenga Smart Solutions started to add Ethernet and IP solutions to its portfolio during the mid-90s. We all remember the first Ethernet HUBs at 10Mbps and structured cabling which acted as a catalyst for the development of companies as far back as two decades ago. The technology and capacities have evolved considerably to reveal, on many occasions, new requirements.



dummype-transpaicope-altaseguridadicope-transporteicope-energiaicope-transpaicope-transpaicoCuando la necesidad de capacidad de transmisión de los enlaces ópticos es lo suficientemente elevada para ser cubierta por los sistemas basados en TDM (Time Division Multiplexing), una solución es acudir a sistemas WDM. De este modo, varios equipos basados en TDM podrán utilizar una sola fibra óptica por sentido de transmisión.



SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) is a standard technology for transmitting bits via fibre-optic. SDH was initially developed as an evolution of PDH systems to enable the transmission of large volumes of telephone calls and/or data on fibre-optic, thereby avoiding synchronisation problems.

SDH systems are widely used, except in the USA and Canada where SONET is used.


Revenga Smart Solutions integrates equipment from different manufacturers, amongst which is KEYMILE who selected us to develop their business in Adif. The Revenga Smart Solutions equipment is approved by Adif for its station network infrastructure on a national level.



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