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dummype-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-seguridadicope-transpaicoInsufficient clearance sensor

dummype-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-seguridadicope-transpaicoDragged objects sensor

dummype-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-seguridadicope-transpaicoFlat-wheel detector

dummype-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-seguridadicope-transpaicoPantograph status monitor

dummype-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-transpaicope-seguridadicope-transpaicoWheel profile status analyser



RIPUBLIC GRÁFICO has been implemented using a tailor-made, customised version in each of our projects. Depending on the case, this allows displaying information which is pre-recorded, programmed, real-time and automatic. The management and issuing of messages can be done remotely from one or several control stations as well as locally.

The system has been devised to support the management of multiple locations communicated by IP networks.




dummyRevenga Smart Solutions has been a leader in PA system solutions for more than 25 years. The current focus of the company's PA system solutions is in providing them with intelligence and management capacity, adapting them to the needs of each client and to the new IP data networks which are used as the basis for all the data traffic.


dummySystem integration

RIVISION-PRES-1pe-transpaicope-altaseguridadicope-transporteicope-energiaicope-seguridadicope-transpaicoRevenga Smart Solutions launched RIVISION in 1997 as the first version of its video-surveillance management platform. The first project in which it was put into service was the suburban Malaga-Fuengirola line, with more than 15 locations and an innovative switching and telecommunications infrastructure.

SOLUCIONES-VIDEO PRESpe-transpaicope-altaseguridadicope-transporteicope-energiaicope-seguridadicope-transpaicoRevenga Smart Solutions has been working on video-surveillance solutions fordecades; having succesfuly forecasted the rapid evolution of state-of-the-art technologies. Nowadays, the video-surveillance systems by Revenga Smart Solutions are based on native IP technology where the network becomes a virtual switch.

The varied nature of the projects undertaken by the company induce it to use all kinds of transmission resources: coaxial, copper pairs, single mode and multi-mode fibre-optic, WIFI/WIMAX/MESH, LTE, E1, IP radio, etc.

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