The ability of Revenga Smart Solutions to contribute to projects with its own products, developed through R&D&I initiatives aimed a solving specific problems, is a capability that sets us apart and that is highly valued by companies we work with. Revenga Smart Solutions is part of the Revenga Group, one of the family-run companies in Spain with the greatest capacity for innovation. This is thanks to a policy of continuous investment and a work formula in which both Revenga Smart Solutions and other companies in the group join together with the best companies in the world in each sector to develop new ideas and products.

The company’s investment in R&D&i has grown steadily in terms of the resources devoted to it, as well as in regard to the complexity of the projects underway. We currently allocate more than 5% of the company’s annual sales to R&D&i and we have teams of professionals specialised both in hardware and software developments. An Innovation centre covering more than 300 m2 provides sufficient space for a team of cutting-edge researchers.

In order to optimise the resources invested in R&D&i, there are well-established internal procedures that have been proven effective at identifying, filtering, and eventually giving the green light to new developments. The Department of Development and Innovation counts with experts devoted exclusively to scanning and identifying new ideas in relevant areas for the clients of Revenga Smart Solutions. Development and Innovation escalates proposals to the R&D&i committee, which decides on their adoption, level of investment, and team, and also whether or not they will be developed jointly or in-house. Joint developments (“i” in integration), which are frequent and always carried out with cutting-edge manufacturers and technology companies, are executed based on solid strategic alliances, in order to make the developments more solid and the implementation more successful.

Our formula:




Some of the technologies that we’ve applied in our developments include IP video encoding and transmission, voice over IP encoding and transmission, analysis based on finite elements, thermometry and thermography, biometry, video-analysis, IR, OCR, and RFID.



Revenga Smart Solutions requests and participates in subsidies from the CDTI and Avanza plan. All of the projects that are co-financed in this way have concluded with products or systems that are currently being marketed. Some of the projects executed within the framework of national subsidy plants include the IRISTUBE system for early detection of incidents in motorway tunnels, the TSOIP system for adapting and improving voice communications systems for railway operations to use new IP Protocol transmission networks, and the ECOSLA level-crossing safety management system that is marketed under the name RAILROX.


UETS Project: (Universal Ethernet Telecommunications Services) Ultra-fast Next-Generation Network for the Internet of the Future

Dossier number: TSI-020601-2012-43

The project consists of the development in Spain of the UETS (Universal Ethernet Telecommunications Service) model, which is a new technology for Ultra-fast networks for the Internet of the future, which has the potential to become one of the biggest markets in the world. The goal is to create technical specifications and production standards for both programs of the logical layers (software) as well as the electronics equipment in the physical layers (hardware), in order to simplify the technologies that currently make up the Internet, setting the UETS Communications Architecture as a global standard.

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, as part of the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development, and Technological Innovation 2008-2011.


MINIMIR Project - Development of an MWIR spectrometer for industrial applications.

Dossier number: TSI-020602-2012-95

A Cooperative Project whose main objective is the development of a compact handheld MWIR that is compatible with the requirements for use with a large number of industrial applications.

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, as part of the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development, and Technological Innovation 2008-2011. 


Proyecto: ENCRYPT IT ALL: “Mensajería Cifrada de Alta Seguridad para Infraestructuras Críticas”

Expediente Nº TSI-100201-2013-56

Encrypt It All es una solución Cloud de mensajería cifrada para comunicación de alertas e incidentes,  especialmente  orientado  a  infraestructuras  críticas; en la que el cifrado se basa en tecnología IRM (Information Rights Management), de modo que la información permanece cifrada en destino y su propietario mantiene el control en todo momento pudiendo gestionar quién, cuándo, cómo y para qué puede acceder a dicha información. El escenario tipo de aplicación de EncryptItAll es el de un equipo de respuesta a incidentes de seguridad informática (CSIRT o CERT), que trata incidentes de múltiples organizaciones en un ámbito donde la privacidad de la información intercambiada requiere el cifrado de la información. A través del sistema RTIR (Request Tracker for Incident Report) se lleva a cabo el filtrado desde el origen a los destinatarios de la misma, intercambiarse documentos en formatos estructurados y no-estructurados (MS Office, PDF, texto, audio, vídeo, AutoCad, etx.) sobre las plataformas estándar del mercado (Windows, Mac, IoS, Android, Linux, etc.). 

The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, as part of the National Plan for Scientific Research, Development, and Technological Innovation 2008-2011. 


Our developments

The patents and registered utility models of Revenga Smart Solutions are present in many successfully marketed systems and solutions. Some of the most important ones are:



Entre las tecnologías que hemos aplicado en nuestros desarrollos están la codificación y transmisión de vídeo IP, la codificación y transmisión de voz sobre IP, análisis basados en elementos finitos, termometría y termografía, biometría, vídeo-análisis, IR, OCR o RFID.
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